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Our 1971 Cardinal 177B is perhaps the best...

Borden Flying Club

Up-to-date hangar facilitiesFederally incorporated in 1958 as the Centralia Flying Club, the BFC changed its name after relocating to CFB Borden in 1967. In the fall of 2004 the club moved to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CNB9) following Base Borden's decision to close the aerodrome and in March 2007 the club moved to its current home at Edenvale Aerodrome. The Borden Flying Club is open to everyone.

We have something to offer renters, owners and aviation enthusiasts alike. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]

Club News & Events

Fly One of Aviation's Icons, the MKII Harvard!!

MKII Harvard of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft AssociationThe year is 1942, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan is ramping up to meet the need for combat pilots overseas. Less than a year ago, on your 19th birthday, you walked into a recruiting office in Toronto to join the Royal Canadian Air Force.

4 plane formation of North American Harvards from the CHAAThis morning with no more than 60 hours in your logbook you and your instructor are walking across the tarmac at No. 2 SFTS Uplands; about to fly a Harvard for the first time. The instructor, barely twenty one years old, says “Hey, don't worry, she looks like a tough kite but you’ll catch on quick”. With only the Tiger Moth under your belt you’re having a hard time keeping it together as you climb up and into the cockpit.

Maintenance Update - Safety Harness

Inertia reel harness operationPDW is now equipped with an inertia reel type safety harness for both the pilot and co-pilot position. Please inspect the function of the shoulder harnesses prior to your flight and pay particular attention to the fitting, especially for your passenger; refer to the attached picture. Click here for a larger image.

Thanks and have a safe flight.

Steve M.

Allan Bowman's Return Flight from Nanaimo Fly-in

Back in March of this year John Lovelace of Century Flight Club came to do a presentation on this year’s fly-in to Nanaimo for the Borden Flying Club. One of our past flying members Allan Bowman and his wife Sylvia attended the fly-in in Allan’s PA22, and Allan was kind enough to share a video of his return flight with us. Allan explains a bit about the video:

“My wife Sylvia and I took a southern Superior route out, customs at Drummond Island (KDRUM, through USA), entering Canada at H28 "DelBonito" and a northern Superior route back.

The video starts when crossing the water from Saturna Island heading across part of Washington State vectored towards Hope BC and ending just short of Princeton BC.

Haze was smoke from forest fires that were north of our path. Visibility was good, next day however vis fell to about 5 miles.

July - August Newsletter

Message from the President

Is your Aviation Booklet expiring this year?

I thought this article timely, as I was putting an updated medical certificate in my aviation booklet graciously supplied by Transport Canada. I thought to myself. Self, I wonder when my Aviation Booklet has to be renewed ? And there it was on the bottom right side of my license page.

According to Transport Canada to renew your Aviation Document Booklet (ADB) applicants are required to again submit a completed Application for an Aviation Document Booklet form ( TP 26-0726 found at ) along with a passport style photograph to your regional licensing office.

Transport is advising that we allow 4-6 weeks to process, so applicants are urged to submit 90 days prior to the expiry date. Currently, there is no fee for the renewal, other than to your handy passport photo guy; Costco Barrie in my case.

Take a moment before you start planning your next flight to have a look at the license page of your ADB and make sure you get it renewed before it expires.

For detailed information on the renewal process visit

Enjoy the great flying weather. Look forward to seeing you around the airport and at the next club meeting.

Chris Thompson

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