Cross Country Rental - Fly with the Borden Flying Club and enjoy all the benefits of ownership...

Borden Flying Club boasts one of the most capable club aircraft for rent in this area!

Our 1971 Cardinal 177B is perhaps the best...

Borden Flying Club

Up-to-date hangar facilitiesFederally incorporated in 1958 as the Centralia Flying Club, the BFC changed its name after relocating to CFB Borden in 1967. In the fall of 2004 the club moved to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CNB9) following Base Borden's decision to close the aerodrome and in March 2007 the club moved to its current home at Edenvale Aerodrome. The Borden Flying Club is open to everyone.

We have something to offer renters, owners and aviation enthusiasts alike. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]

Club News & Events

New Anti-Spam Legislation - July 1st

Anti-Spam and the BFCCanada's new Anti-Spam legislation is coming into effect as of July 1st. In order to insure that we are compliant with this legislation we require your consent to continue sending our newsletter to your Inbox every month.

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Night Flying Checkout

A reminder, as some late evening rentals have been booked on PDW recently. The club does require members to complete a one-time night checkout with one of our check-pilots. CNV8 is a relatively easy airport to operate within, however reduced visibility during night time will create some challenges with blackhole type of illusions. Fly Safe!!

Tanis Heater

The switch for the Tanis Heater has temporarily been removed from the hangar for some testing to try to determine the problem with the intermittent access to the Tanis heater online. If pre-heat is required prior to your flight please make sure to give yourself enough time to manually plug-in the Tanis heater at the hangar. Updates will be posted when the heater is back online.

Borden Flying Club - New Website

New Borden Flying Club WebsiteYes, we've given a minor facelift, if you're visiting our new website for the first time, welcome.

The previous version of the website has served the club well so we've made sure all the same features are still available, they're just in different locations. As we progress, tweaking and fine-tuning the website based on feedback, it should continue to evolve and improve.

The major differences you'll find with the website, other than the layout, are the club message board and the online e-store. Although they are in different locations, navigation-wise, fundamentally they operate the same as they did before.

Message from the President

Club CardinalThey say that it is amazing how time flies! Well, I cannot believe that we are already celebrating the 1st anniversary with PDW. She is just back fresh from her 1st annual with the club, which cleared up outstanding legacy issues. The goal has always been to bring PDW up to the high standards that we set for CMQ. We are well on our way to achieving that goal.

This winter has been brutally harsh when it comes to good flying days, but as I look out the window at another sunny day, the 3rd in a row, I am re-assured that this winter cannot last forever and that great flying days are soon to be ahead.

A reminder that the nomination form will be live in March for those interested in running for the Board of Directors. I encourage all members to consider running for the Board, and actively help assist in the future governance and support of the Club.

Chris Thompson