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Borden Flying Club

Up-to-date hangar facilitiesFederally incorporated in 1958 as the Centralia Flying Club, the BFC changed its name after relocating to CFB Borden in 1967. In the fall of 2004 the club moved to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CNB9) following Base Borden's decision to close the aerodrome and in March 2007 the club moved to its current home at Edenvale Aerodrome. The Borden Flying Club is open to everyone.

We have something to offer renters, owners and aviation enthusiasts alike. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]

Club News & Events

January Newsletter

Buttonville to Remain in Operation until Fall 2016 !

Good news for anyone that uses Buttonville Airport on a regular basis. According to a letter published in December, the Cadillac Fairview group has granted a stay of execution until the Fall of 2016 for the airfield and its tenants!

Flight Operations - In the Envelope

Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years.

I'm a member of COPA, along with being a member of AOPA, the American Pilots Association. From time-to-time they have some great articles and videos on safety.

January Meeting ** Special Release**

Happy New Year 2015!

Let’s kick-off the new year with a club meeting at Bistro 26. This month’s meeting is on the 4th Thursday, that’s January 22nd. Given that there are five Thursdays this month we felt an extra week between the New Year’s celebrations and the first meeting wasn’t a bad thing.

December was just crazy-busy with family, work and the additional demands of the holiday season; which included more than a little celebrating. Admittedly planning January’s meeting was shuffled around a little and as we all know… time has a habit of getting away on us.

Fortunately, and through the gracious acceptance of my invitation to be our speaker, our very own Bryan Quickmire, pilot extraordinaire, business owner, demonstration pilot, aviation writer/mentor and all-round good guy is going to share with us “A Hundred Things”.

Bryan QuickmireBryan's journey in the world of flight began in 1967 when he earned his wings in the Air Cadets. He was inspired by the poem High Flight and has spent much of his time and money since in pursuit of McGee's "a hundred things". This quest has taken him in power planes and sailplanes to such diverse corners of aviation as competition aerobatics, wave soaring and skydiving.
To read a little more about Bryan and his philosophical approach to all things flight-related click here.

Please bring a guest and join us for an evening with Bryan Quickmire while he takes us along on his search for the magical A Hundred Things.

December Newsletter

From the President

Wishing you a prosperous New Year

By the time this newsletter gets out to everyone we will be at the threshold of the Holiday Season! I would like to take a moment to wish everyone reading this newsletter and their families a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year in 2015 !

Here's to 2015 and the hope of more flyable days, and new flying adventures.

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

In the Envelope

The club airplane has completed major maintenance in November, and following up with last month's starting issues some additional work was also completed on our mags.  Starting PDW should be relatively normal again - feedback or observations are always welcome.  When utilizing engine pre-heat the pre-flight check shall include a tactile inspection of the cylinders and oil (using the dipstick) to determine how much heat the engine received.  Normally, after a couple of hours, the engine will be very warm, then during starting take into consideration the amount of prime required, which may be less than a routine cold start - - 2 or 3 as opposed to 4 strokes.

November Newsletter

November Club Meeting - A Tale of Two Lancasters

Canadian Warplane Heritage UK Tour

Thursday November 20th, 7:00PM, the Borden Flying Club is honoured to feature an evening with crew members from the Canadian Warplane Heritage's Mynarski Lancaster England Tour. Make a point of coming out to Edenvale Airport’s Bistro 26 to hear how their trans-Atlantic journey actually started 35 years earlier. The crew will take us from the Lanc's awkward arrival at Mount Hope slung under a Chinook helicopter all the way to its epic tour of England and back.

September Hangar BBQ Wrap-up

Club member/pilots comparing notes on the finer points of Cardinal flying.September's meeting was wrapped into a Hangar BBQ this year. In spite of our very best effort to host a Harvard Flight Event centred around a Hangar BBQ, the late summer weather would not cooperate.

As the week unfolded everyone, pilot or not, looked to the sky and hoped that the forecast would show signs of improvement as the week progressed. Sadly by late in the week it was pretty obvious that this time the weather office nailed the forecast. Low cloud, gusty winds and persistent showers meant that Bjarni, from the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, was not going to make it.

We're happy to say that even though the weather gremlins kept us ground-bound they couldn't foil our BBQ. Come 5:00 PM our President Chris Thompson ignited the grill and we had a wonderful evening of friendly conversation, hangar flying and reminiscing.