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Borden Flying Club

Up-to-date hangar facilitiesFederally incorporated in 1958 as the Centralia Flying Club, the BFC changed its name after relocating to CFB Borden in 1967. In the fall of 2004 the club moved to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CNB9) following Base Borden's decision to close the aerodrome and in March 2007 the club moved to its current home at Edenvale Aerodrome. The Borden Flying Club is open to everyone.

We have something to offer renters, owners and aviation enthusiasts alike. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]

Club News & Events

B-17 at CYLS

There is a B-17 Flying Fortress visiting at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport for the next few days. Apparently, you can go through
it without the usual airshow crowds and lineups.

A big "thank you" to Paul Richardson for bringing this to our attention.

August 2016 Newsletter

Gathering of the Classics

Thanks to all the members who came out to help represent the Borden Flying Club at the Gathering of the Classics.  By all accounts it was another amazing event. 

Follow the links to see some great photographs of the event: &

PDW Maintenance

The airplane has been running well with minimal snags. As most of us know the airplane traveled to Oshkosh which was approximately 12 hours of flying. The BFC Pilots reported the airplane behaved well. A big thanks again to BCF Member Jim Bertrand who completed the belly wash of PDW on his own, providing the club with a shiny airplane.

The right fuel tank has had some small amounts of water observed following PDW being left outside or flying through rain. This will be further addressed during Annual this year. Please be aware during your walk around and fuel sample testing. Please bring forward any issues observed.

We are continuing to monitor the AI which has been functioning well with no issues observed or reported. The plan in the near future is to still overhaul the AI but in the meantime the unit has been stable and working well.

Upcoming planned maintenance is a 50-hour oil change.

July 2016 Newsletter

From the President

We have had a couple of busy months since I last wrote something for the club. Flying has been great and the plane has been flown a lot which is great to see. In June we participated in the CFB Borden Armed Forces Weekend and Airshow with a static display featuring PDW and the club banner. It was an opportunity to share some of the history of the club as it related to our time at Base Borden, and to proudly promote the club. Many thanks to Marty Theirault, Owen Sneath, and Don Bradley for their assistance on making this a truly wonderful event. And a special thanks to Don, for being able to safely return PDW to Edenvale that Sunday afternoon in winds would test any pilot’s skill and patience in a light aircraft.

A few days later we had our annual “Kick-off to Summer Club BBQ”. The weather was perfect, and the company was great! 

We had new members and their Families, long standing members and friends, and we even had a drop in from some of our past members. One of the highlights was Owen and his wife Judy arriving in style in his Challenger.

Skydive Operations at CNV8

Skydiving at CNV8

Skydive Wasaga Beach will be operating from Edenvale Aerodrome, starting this May long weekend

Linked from Skydive Wasaga's Facebook page

According to one of the co-owners the expected frequency this weekend is one drop per hour of multiple tandem jumpers from Friday to Monday. Their plan for this summer is to have two planes and four instructors with a goal of 2,000 jumps.

The potential issue is the jumpers. Their ultimate objective is to land on Beach 2 in Wasaga but they are running into a number of issues with the town. For the foreseeable future jumpers will be dropped to land in or near the Klondike Park Sports Complex at 1888 Klondike Park Road.

Jumpers will be exiting from about 10,000 ft. The pilot will be communicating with Toronto ATC. It is not clear if the skydive school pilots know about the requirement to also maintain communication on CNV8's ATF frequency 122.775 (or CNY3 122.85).

May 2016 Newsletter

From the President

A New Year

Well, the New Year is upon us at the BFC, we had a successful turnout at the AGM held on April 23rd, and a new Board elected. Here is the rundown of the Board Members and their respective positions:

  • Chris Thompson - President
  • Owen Sneath - Vice-President and Secretary
  • Allan Ross - Treasurer
  • Harrison Drake - PRM
  • Sam Sciscione - Flight Ops
  • Clive Oosthuizen - Membership
  • Mark Szwarc - Events and IT

I'd like to thank every one of these Gentlemen for their continued support in the smooth operation of the club!

In reviewing the contact list, a number of members have let their documents lapse on their profile. In some instances, converting them to "pending" from "flying" because of expired medical information. Please take a moment and update your contact record. Make sure that all licence and medical information is up to date. Please inform Clive in Membership when you renew your medical, as he must update that information in the system. Pending Status restricts your access to the booking calendar. Do not get caught out!

Lets have a great year of Flying!

Chris Thompson