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Weight & Balance Info
Feel free to use this weight and balance calculator, formatted as an Excel spreadsheet. This straight forward W & B calculator includes basic fuel management functions.

For those using one of the many W & B apps available, the numbers needed are:

Normal Category
Weight (lbs.) Min C of G (inches) Max C of G (inches)
2000 or less 101.0 114.5
2250 102.2 114.5
2500 105.7 114.5
Straight line variation between points given
Utility Category
Weight (lbs.) Min C of G (inches) Max C of G (inches)
2000 or less 101.0 109.0
2200 102.0 109.0
Weights & Arms
Item Weight (lbs.) Arm (inches)
Max Gross Take-off 2500  
Basic Empty 1672 105.64
Oil 15 46
Front Seats   93 (90 - 97)
Fuel 294 (49 gal) 112
Rear Seats   134
Baggage 120 (max) 165 (142 - 175)





















* IMPORTANT* If you choose to use a 3rd party W&B App it's important that you verify its accuracy against the supplied W&B Excel Worksheet.

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