December Newsletter - Updated Content

President's Message

Happy Holidays everyone! My wife Stacey and I are looking forward to the Annual BFC Christmas Dinner; being held Saturday December 17th at Bistro 26. It’s always a great time with friends and family. An email should have been sent to all members December 8th asking those wishing to attend the Dinner to complete the form, so that we can accurately gauge numbers, meal preferences and any allergies that guests might have. If you have not done, so or you thought initially you could not attend, but now can, please complete that form as soon as possible so that no one is disappointed.  The link to the survey is provided at the end of this newsletter.

Club Operations and Board of Directors

I know that I have said it in the past, but its worth saying again. To me the Borden Flying Club is more than just a place where you can rent a plane and going flying. It’s a club where its members enjoy getting together at club meetings and social events to be surrounded by others who share a passion for aviation. A club where everyone participates and contributes at some level to the overall well-being of the club and most importantly its only physical asset PDW. I would especially like to thank those members, past and present that have gone the extra mile to serve on the Board of Directors of the Borden Flying Club. A broad mix of experience and backgrounds on the Board is key to the Club’s continuing success.

So, as 2016 draws to a close, and we all make a fresh start and resolutions in the New Year, I would ask that you consider volunteering more for the dirty jobs like washing and waxing the airplane, keeping the hangar clean, and most importantly becoming a Board Member; lending your voice and experience to the continued good governance of our club.

I am always interested in hearing from you and your ideas on making the club even better!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Chris Thompson

PDW Maintenance

PDW annual inspection wrapped up November 29. For a full list of work completed, please feel free to reference the journey log. Of note, the AI was overhauled along with the carburetor. Prior to going into annual the Pilot side headrest has disappeared. If anyone knows where it got to please let us know. A headrest from the rear was moved up to the front seat and the rear headrests removed.

We are monitoring the vacuum pump. Wear is within limits.  However, it is possible we will need to replace in the next 100 hours or so. This is a simple process and should not lead to a lengthy down time or excessive expense.

The stabilator was removed and inspected. No issues were observed with the brackets or bearings. As a preventative maintenance measure, the stabilator hardware was replaced.

The right fuel tank cap was cleaned up and sealed. We will continue to monitor for water in the right tank. If water is observed during your walk around please document it, and let the PRM know. Snapping a picture with your cell and passing it along is a great help.

When adding oil to the airplane I would like to remind members to please add full quarts only, do not add half quarts. Also with the cold weather upon us please ensure the aircraft engine is properly preheated. Starting a cold engine can cause a great deal of engine ware equivalent to many hours of flying so please take care. The winter kit will be installed for the winter this week. Please note the operation limitation of -20c in the POH. There is also a placard on the instrument panel.

Merry Christmas.

Harrison Drake


Flight Operations - Inside the Envelope

I had the opportunity to attend part of PDW's annual inspection, and am glad to report while looking deep into wing cavities, underneath floor boards, far into the empennage, the machine appears in excellent condition.  The club annual inspections are anything but routine, we always go further - with investigating and repairing.  The club has always believed a well maintained aircraft is an important ingredient for safety.  Let us all do our part in helping keep our Cardinal clean and in good order.
The November technical night was well attended, with good discussions on how we operate and think as club pilots.  A hot topic in flight safety is the label of "normalization of deviance", somewhat simple words with profound meaning.  This is not a one time event, but a process where pilots adopt in-appropriate methods of flying because the end results have not been negative (subjective).  Unfortunately statistics and industry knowledge are not on your side, which implies, flight safety may inevitably be compromised with highly undesired consequences.  Something for us all to consider and more discussion to follow at the next technical night this spring.
Wishing everyone the least of the worst and the best of the best in 2017.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Sam Sciscione DFO, and the flight operations group.


BFC Christmas Dinner is on December 17th

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