February 2017

President's Message

Winter Returns

January was a difficult flying month with a true return to winter weather and all the difficulties and inconveniences that winter brings. Personally, I had to scrub about 3 times in the last 3 weeks. C'est la Vie! That’s Winter Flying.

Some frequent visitors to the airport may have noticed that Bistro 26 has closed and a new Restaurant, Tilly’s 2, has opened its doors. Tilly’s is going to open daily from 7AM to 3PM. I had the opportunity to eat lunch there this past Saturday and was impressed. The menu is an all day breakfast along with soup and sandwiches. Tilly’s decided not to pick up the liquor licence at this time.

There was some concern regarding the ability to host our regular club meetings at the airport.  I am happy to report that this has been resolved and we will continue in the meeting room as usual. The new owner has said that they will prepare a price fixed menu for dinner on those Thursdays as long as we commit to a minimum of 5 guests. Since this will be considered a catered function, they may be able to serve alcohol.  however, this has yet to be finalized.

Let’s hope that February provides us with some good winter flying weather!

Looking for 2 new Board Members for 2017/18 Board of Directors

The club needs a minimum of 2 new Board Members for the 2017/18 Membership Year as two long standing members, Owen Sneath and Allan Ross will be retiring from the Board. I would ask Members interested in serving on the Board to please contact me directly at president@bordenflyingclub.com or 416-994-0997. Members with bookkeeping or accounting background would be an asset.

Switchbox Update

Some members have reported that they are having trouble getting a signal from the switchbox. I found that I had to delete and reinstall the app about a week ago. That appears to have solved the issue. As noted before, once installed, make sure that you tap the blue phone icon to turn it grey.

Also, a clarification on the instructions that were provided to guide you through the set-up and use of the switchbox: any reference to "texting" the switchbox refers to operating the switchbox through the app. That happens automatically when you press the power symbol to the left of the word “Engine Heater” and the phone icon is grey. This will turn on the Engine Heater.  The power icon is shown on the screenshot to the right.

Please remember that there is no timer on this device, so it has to be turned off manually.  You must press that power icon in the app to turn off the engine heater once you are at the hanger or if you decide to cancel your flight. While there is no timer function through the app, it does allow all members with the app to see if the engine heater is "on" or "off" at any time.

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

This winter's flying has proven very challenging, with numerous cancelled bookings due to poor weather, including strong winds on clear days. Note: the club will never query anyone who cancels a booking due to relatively strong winds (e.g. 10-15kts or greater).

Members who have managed to stay current this winter - great work. Remember, even if you have maintained recency, all members require at least one checkout event during the membership year - either an annual review or recurrent checkout. Recurrent checkouts already include elements of the annual review. If you have any flying information you wish to share with the club, feel free to contact us anytime at flight.operations@bordenflyingclub.com

Stay warm,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Operations


Lighting at Edenvale

  • CNV8 ARCAL type K, appear to utilize a daylight exclusion switch. That includes the PAPI. Caution when operating during daylight and reduced visibility.
  • CNV8 ARCAL type K, aerodrome beacon (strobe) decommissioned Until Further Notice.

PDW Maintenance

Greetings Aviators,

It looks like winter is here. Currently the winter kit is not installed on the airplane as the POH calls for the kit to be removed at temperatures above -5 degrees Celsius.  Once we see consistent daytime lows below this temperature the kit will be put on the airplane. Due to the weather, flying has been limited.  However, the airplane is running well.

Please ensure that you take the time to conduct proper cold weather handling of the engine and airplane.

When using the winch to pull the airplane back in the hangar, please ensure that tension is kept on the line.  This will  prevent the winch line from being tangled around the spool.

Harrison Drake

February Club Meeting

February 16th @ 19:00 @ Edenvale Aerodrome Meeting Room

Randy Van Ness and Tom Stiff will be providing some insight into the use of ForeFlight.  Join us to learn more about this great toolkit.  If you are a ForeFlight user, bring along your iPad to get some hands on exposure.  

Hope to see you there!

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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