February 2019

President's Message

Short and Long Term Planning

Greetings Everyone,

Hopefully everyone has been keeping warm during the deep freeze. I wanted to remind the membership April is fast approaching! The Board will be looking for volunteers for the 2019 term and I ask anyone that is interested to reach out. The club will not run without the dedicated volunteers who take care of the administration required to keep PDW's prop spinning.

PDW's engine as I am sure PRM Steve will mention is being monitored closely as we get closer to engine overhaul. Oil analysis are being completed with every oil change so that we can best determine the right time to do an engine overhaul. This will come with some downtime obviously; our goal is to best plan this maintenance to minimize the impact to the flying members.

Dialogue has been started with the board on the long-term objectives for the airplane asset with the club. I believe we need to start asking questions on where we see the club and aircraft in the next 5 to 10 years. Questions like, after engine overhaul, should be invest in a new interior for the airplane, further avionics upgrades and so on. The other option to be consider is selling PDW and look to get into a newer aircraft. All of these options cost a great deal of money as we must make sure we are making the correct financial decisions for the club.

Finally, in closing there has also been some discussion on reviewing the membership annual dues. My goal has always been to keep the flying and membership as economical as possible as the cost of GA has pushed a lot of people out of it. That being said we are considering a small increase to the annual membership as there has not been one in sometime. This will be discussed at the February board meeting and is in the ball park of $10.00 per month. Further details will be made available after this is fully been reviewed but the board.

Safe Flying,

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Care For Our Tires

Well, we’re well into winter time, and of course the flying is not as good as we would like with the weather conditions. That being said hopefully in the next month or two the conditions will improve.

I wanted to bring attention to something that happened just after the annual inspection. Two or three days after the annual inspection the right main tire was worn down to the tread and had to be replaced. This did not happen prior to the inspection as Chris would’ve caught it.

There are a number of things that cause this to happen. First, when you land, your airspeed is still fairly high and the entire weight of the airplane is not yet on the wheels. If you put on the brakes the wheels can lock up and the tires will skid.

Remember we have 4000 feet of runway. Please don’t try to make the Delta taxi way to turn off at. If landing on 31 Let it roll to the end and turn off on 08.  Our tires will thank you.

Another cause of course is you have your feet on the brakes when you land. Always consider having your toes on the bottom of the rudderpedals sliding them up to use the brakes when applicable.

Also please check notams before you go fly. Less than a month ago the airport was notamed closed for icy taxiways and runways. Unaware some people went flying. If there was an incident we would have a challenge with the insurance company as the airport was notamed closed.

I look forward to seeing everybody at the February meeting, where Dave Hadfield will give a nice presentation.


Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

Let me start by thanking everyone for their patience during the last annual. Admittedly it was not as smooth as we had plan but PDW is back flying. I quick thanks to Leath for putting on the winter kit! As you know we have been sampling engine oil periodically since last fall and for all intensive purposes the result have shown no concerns. However closer examination of engine oil filter media during last oil change suggest a wear trend that is worst than we had hoped. We had a discussion with our mechanic Chris Jacob and the suggestion was to perhaps get engine overhaul sooner rather than later. So here we are, inching closer to the engine overhaul. Of course we will continue to closely monitor engine condition until then. Reminder that the ELT is placarded and will need to be replaced as it has reached its end of life. I am coordinating this as well. I was at the airport last weekend and no leak on the right fuel tank so thats awesome. I think Orillia Aviation did a nice job on that. Happy and safe flying.

Steve Methot

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Greetings all. Our February social meeting will be held at 10:00 on Saturday February 16th in the banquet room at the Hangar Bar and Grill. We are very fortunate to have Dave Hadfield providing a video and live music presentation reflecting on his years of experience and his passion for aviation and music. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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