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Maintenance Update - Safety Harness

Inertia reel harness operationPDW is now equipped with an inertia reel type safety harness for both the pilot and co-pilot position. Please inspect the function of the shoulder harnesses prior to your flight and pay particular attention to the fitting, especially for your passenger; refer to the attached picture. Click here for a larger image.

Thanks and have a safe flight.

Steve M.

Engine start in cold weather

Service Instruction No. 1505 Engineering Aspects are FAA Approved

DATE: July 1, 2002
SUBJECT: Cold Weather Startin
MODELS AFFECTED: All Lycoming aircraft engines
TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At engine start in cold weather.

In extremely low temperatures, oil congeals, battery capacity is lowered, and the starter can be overworked. Improper cold weather starting can result in abnormal engine wear, reduced performance, shortened time between overhauls, or failure for the engine to operate properly.