May 2016 Newsletter

From the President

A New Year

Well, the New Year is upon us at the BFC, we had a successful turnout at the AGM held on April 23rd, and a new Board elected. Here is the rundown of the Board Members and their respective positions:

  • Chris Thompson - President
  • Owen Sneath - Vice-President and Secretary
  • Allan Ross - Treasurer
  • Harrison Drake - PRM
  • Sam Sciscione - Flight Ops
  • Clive Oosthuizen - Membership
  • Mark Szwarc - Events and IT

I'd like to thank every one of these Gentlemen for their continued support in the smooth operation of the club!

In reviewing the contact list, a number of members have let their documents lapse on their profile. In some instances, converting them to "pending" from "flying" because of expired medical information. Please take a moment and update your contact record. Make sure that all licence and medical information is up to date. Please inform Clive in Membership when you renew your medical, as he must update that information in the system. Pending Status restricts your access to the booking calendar. Do not get caught out!

Lets have a great year of Flying!

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

I will oversee flight operations this year, with Randy VanNess and Don Bradley. We look forward to another safe and relatively uneventful flying year. Every member forms an integral part of the clubs' safety culture, everyone has a voice, thus feel free to communicate with us about safety - anytime!

We will deliver a technical/rust-remover presentation at our next monthly meeting Tuesday May 17th (2 days earlier than our normal date). Topics will cover normal summer operations, checkout/training feedback, industry updates, modification to the annual review requirement, and a review of accidents/incidents to promote critical thinking in safe flying.

Our procedures have impressed our regulator and insurer.  We would like to expand on this by including a bit more flight information in the booking calendar under the "event description" section.  Here are some guidelines and implications of the information:

  • Local means a flight of short duration/distance with no landings at any other location, except the departure point: practice, circuits, sight-seeing, photographing, etc.
  • Cross-country means a flight landing at a different location(s) other than the departure point. Separate line entries must be made in the journey logbook denoting the locations. The locations should also be listed on the calendar: CNV8-CYTZ, Edenvale-Sudbury, etc.  If the trip is more than 25nm, a flight-plan or flight-itinerary shall be filed.
  • Checkride, and annual review calendar bookings will be made by the check pilot. Occasionally, members may reserve a time slot however, the final booking must be remade accordingly.
  • Checkout implies a local flight. Annual Review should be a cross-country.
  • TBA or TBD may be used for advanced bookings.  Once you have prepared the details of your flight, update the booking calender accordingly.

Keep your safety guard-up,

Sam Sciscione
Director of Flight Operations

May Meeting Rescheduled

Now Tuesday, May 17th at the Bistro 26

It is time for our Spring "Rust Remover" session.  Please note the changed date and try to make it out on Tuesday, May 17th, at 19:00 at the Bistro 26 meeting room.  The session is a great way to get information about PDW, summer operations, and some updates from our operations crew. 

As always, members are invited to come out early and have dinner at the Bistro.

Collingwood Wind Turbines

A risk to aviation safety...

One of the hot topics after our meeting on Saturday was the proposed proximity of some of Ontario's largest wind turbines to the Collingwood Airport.  Members had asked for more information on this issue.  As promised, here are some links to check out:
Press Release from MPP Jim Wilson
CTV News Item
TVO Documentary

This photo linked from shows the size of the new turbine compared to the older smaller models and a 38 story building.

If you want to take action, the recommendation from our MPP is to connect directly with the Premiere by phone, email, or post. 

Thanks to Randy for keeping us posted on this!

Mark Szwarc
Events & IT