• Flying member $400 per year
  • Non flying (social) member $50 per year

Includes taxes. Annual membership dues run from April 1st to March 31st & are pro rated for anyone joining the club after April 1st.

Aircraft Rental

  • Wet $155 per hour
  • Block $143 per hour
  • Extended $115 per hour
  • Extended Block $103 per hour

HST is added to all rates. Block rate is based on a minimum purchase of ten hours in advance. 

In addition to the above rates a Fuel Surcharge is applied to both Wet & Block.  The fuel surcharge is any cost in excess of $2.00 per litre.  For instnace, if fuel is $2.10 per litre and you use 100 litres, the surcharge is $10.00 (100 x $0.10).  The Fuel Surcharge does not apply to Extended (i.e. dry) bookings since you pay for the fuel annyway. 

Aircraft Specifications - Click Here

We recognize that our membership dues for flying members is more than some other clubs. Our philosophy is that we try to, as closely as possible, operate the club in the same manner as you would if you owned a plane yourself. The dues reflect the club's fixed costs and the rental rate represents our operating costs.

The $400 annual dues covers the club's insurance, hangar, and administrative costs. The hourly rental rate covers fuel, oil, maintenance & TBO.

This model works particularly well if you plan on flying at least 25 hours per year. The dues, pro-rated over 25 hours of flying, adds $16 per hour to the hourly rental rate.

You may find cheaper places to rent an airplane but we are confident that you will not find a better place. Check out the benefits of being a member of the Borden Flying Club and we think that you will agree.

Extended Rental Policy

Extended rentals are at the rate noted above. Weight and balance permitting, you will normally depart with full fuel. Upon return, the A/C shall be topped up with fuel. The renter must fill out an invoice and pay for the fuel needed to top up. The model used for this policy is similar to renting a car. You rent a car with full fuel and return it with a full tank.

You must put on a minimum of two (2) hours Hobbs time for each week day and three (3) hours each weekend day or statutory holiday away from Edenvale. The minimum extended rental time is five (5) hours. So for example, if you take the A/C from Monday to Friday you would be billed for a minimum of 10 hours at the extended rate (or actual Hobbs time if greater than 10 hours) plus the cost to top up the fuel on return. Oil is included in the extended rate. Please ensure that you take sufficient oil with you before departing. If required, submit receipts for any oil purchased.

All extended rentals MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD. Please contact the President and Vice-President with your request.  This is not an attempt to restrict anyone's use of the A/C but rather to ensure that there are no conflicts or maintenance concerns with the A/C. Any unscheduled maintenance that may be required when you are away MUST be approved in advance.

If you have any questions please contact the club President or any other member of the board.

Overnight Policy

In addition to the extended rental policy the club has an overnight plan. In the event that you wish to take the A/C way for one (1) night only with the intent of putting on less than the minimum five hours required by the extended rental policy PDW would rent out wet. Overnight trips are defined as commencing after 3 p.m. and returning before 11 a.m. the following day. The minimum billing time for an overnight trip is 2 hours during the week and 3 hours on weekends or statutory holidays.