Special Announcement - August 2017

From the President

To my fellow Members of the Borden Flying Club,

I thought it important to inform you that after long deliberation I have decided and announced on August 1st, 2017 my resignation from the Board of Directors. Factors in my work and personal life have made it difficult to say the least to carry out my representation of the club and effective governance of the Board of Directors.

It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to represent the club over the past number of years, and work closely with some very talented Members who have served on the Board with me, helping me achieve the goals that I set out; namely make the club Financially sound, keep our membership at strong levels, maintain a safe and reliable aircraft for our Membership to rent, and foster the all important social aspect of the club. We have an amazing group of members, all of which I am proud to call friends.

I am by no means leaving the club, and look forward to seeing you all at upcoming social and flying events when I am able to attend.

In the interim, Harrison Drake (Vice-President and PRM) will be acting president until a special meeting of the Board can be held September 13th at which time the Board will discuss and confirm a new President.


Chris Thompson