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Note:Fuel Surcharge is in effect when fuel is purchased at a cost of over $2.00/litre.


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FYI - Our old website is no longer functional which forced us to start rebuilding.  Please be patient as we recover our content.


Board of Directors
President Randy Van Ness 705-791-0269
Vice President Bruce DeGeer 705-791-2340
Secretary  Mark Szwarc 705-305-8199
Treasurer Paul Grenier 705-728-2865
Flight Ops Director Jim Bertrand 705-733-4320
Membership Director Clive Oosthuizen 705-721-0475
Events Director Dave Angus 705-309-0562
Director Shaun Bougie 705-817-2300
Director Tom Stiff

Other Duties & Responsibilities
Check Pilot Distribution List (all check pilots):
Check Pilot Jim Bertrand 705 733 4320
Check Pilot Leath Greenwood 705-985-4022
Check Pilot Randy Van Ness 705-791-0269
Check Pilot Dave Angus 705-309-0562
Maintenance (PRM) Tom Stiff 705-730-9528

Person Responsible
for Hangar (PR4H)

Bruce DeGeer 705-791-2340
I.T. & Systems
Mark Szwarc 705-305-8199